FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my virtual machines to VirtualMachines.net?

A: You can get us your existing VMs in two ways: First, you can save a copy of your VM on a USB drive or similar media and mail it to our office. You can also upload the VM directly by using a FTP or SCP client to transfer it to our servers.

Q: How do I access my VMs on your servers?

A: We offer full Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) access to your VM via our client area. The KVM console allows you to access your VM(s) from anywhere in the world via a keyboard and mouse. It’s like you’re right there in our data center!

Q: What types of virtual machines do you support?

A: We support virtual machines from most major virtualization software, including VMWare ESX/ESXi, VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware Player, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Virtual PC, Acronis True Image, and Parallels Desktop platforms.

Q: What type of virtual appliances do you support?

A: We support most major virtual appliances. You have the option of uploading the appliance or we can download the appliance and deploy it to your specifications.

Q: Do you support virtual machines converted into OVF or OVA format?

A: Yes. You can import virtual machines to our servers in either OVF or OVA format.

Q: What are the hardware requirements for P2V conversions?

A: We currently perform P2V conversions from most major hardware platforms with supported operating systems.

Q: What type of operating systems do you support for P2V conversions?

A: We currently perform PV2 conversions on hardware running the latest versions of RHEL, CENT OS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Windows Server. Contact us for details about older versions of these platforms and other operating systems.

Q: Does your technical support apply to the OS level?

A: No. While we provide the hardware and resources needed to operate your virtual infrastructure, it is your responsibility to address any issues with your operating system and its supported applications.

Q: Can I export my VM from your servers?

A: Yes, you can download a copy of your virtual machine, but there are conditions. In order to prepare the VM for download, we must clone and compress the image, then transfer the file to our public FTP servers. It’s a time-consuming process, so the fee for downloading has been set at $30 and limited to once per quarter.

Q: Following a P2V conversion, am I required to host the newly converted virtual machines with Virtualmachines.net?

A: NO. Athough we hope you are pleased enough to host those VMs with us, our PV2 service is included in the package so there is no obligation to do so or any additional charges.

Q: What are your recommendations for migrating newly created virtual machines following P2V conversions?

A: Smaller conversions can be immediately transferred to our data center. We recommend that Windows conversions and those larger than 30 GB be saved to a USB drive once complete and then shipped to us via FedEx.

Q: Do you offer infrastructure design services?

A: Yes. Our architectural design services enable customers to enjoy a scalable virtual infrastructure from VMs to storage devices and beyond.

Q: Do you support Windows servers?

A: Yes, under special conditions. Though we don’t provide licensing, installation media, or updates, we do allow you to upload and run your own Windows systems on our servers.

Q: Do you support Windows Server 2003?

A: While the product has exceeded its end of life date, we support the countless organizations that still run Windows Server 2003. We are one of few companies who facilitates Windows Server 2003 P2V conversions and welcome this operating system with open arms.